Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hate to Love

Couple things I believe and want to write down while they're on my head.

I believe that mistakes are inevitable. A mistake can either be dwelled upon or learned from. Those who dwell on their mistakes live in the past, while those who learn from their mistakes live for the future. simple enough.

I also believe that there is no such thing as Hate, only Love. I believe that "hate" is really just the inward and unconscious suppression of love. For instance, subconsciously, I believe that racists don't actually "hate" other races. I feel that the outward "hatred" is really just a reflection of an inward conflict. This conflict occurs when the societal or psychological factors tell a person they should feel disdain towards something, but their inward emotions are actually that of love.

To sum it up, if you hate something, deep down what you really "hate" is the fact that you love it.

feel me? if not, don't matter... my pockets got fatter...


to clarify my point.. think about this. How many times have you "HATED" a song when it first came out? Only to eventually end up lovin the shit, and rationalizing it by "it's so catchy!" Did the song change from when you first heard it? Naw, but what probably did change over time was your resistance to Love the song in the first place. "Sexy Cannnn I"


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sha'mia said...

wonderfully put.....I hate u Jermain Cole. which means i actually adore you lol....but that first line about regretting and moving on is dead on...Reading this just made my day :-) thanks cole

Mina said...
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Mina said...

Honestly, I understand what you're saying. You see my ex loved your music and he knew who you were before you got signed to the ROC yet, I never was interested in your music because, I'm a very stubborn person and here I am listening to "Lost Ones"&"Love Me Not" realizing what I've been missing. Cole World. Much Love & Respect.