Thursday, July 17, 2008

Told you

Less than 12 hours later..

Jazmine Sullivan Ft. J. Cole- "I Need You Remix"

Had to throw the J. Cole spin on it..

Got this on repeat all night.

Wait till you hear the shit I got coming. Wait till you see the shit I got coming. Wait till you see what I'm about to do.

God is good.

Much appreciate to my whole team and support system. It's time to go to the next level.

ps- the real mix of this is comin soon, I just couldn't wait to upload it!


The Life & Times of Ibrahim H. said...

Yeaaa Niggaaa That shit came out real good I aint think you had it up already... Good shit nigga.

Diwata B said...

Can you post this again?? I want to hear it!


Nailah Marie said...

I don't know y i am hearing this freestyle so late, but better late than never right.... it's been in heavy rotation for me since i heard it like a couple months ago