Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gon til December

Let's get this back going. It's about to be 09'. Since we last spoke a lot has happened, including a record deal. I'm gonna try and keep this blog up and running, and just post random shit, my interests, thoughts, maybe some experiences here and there. Right now the audience is just me, but in time we'll see what happens.

Until next time,



LaShanda said...

You're not your own audience Cole. You have many that love your's all about publicity bro!

Ask4myname said...

the beat on lil ghetto nigga is nice. on dat piff, your songs is cut mad short.

Tronic said...

look what you already becoming. God is Great! see u up there soon homie.

Jordhanna said...

man, i feel like i stumbled onto a classic archive. i'm reading everything but don't wanna comment on everything and look crazy. your life got hectic since the deal but you still wanna find time to write a personal blog update? that's real humble and ambitious.

Logic said...

im just spreading good music, not ride'n nobodys back or asking for anything
please enjoy