Friday, April 24, 2009

Interview with Karen Civil

shout out to Karen, thanks for the interview.


ibro said...

I like how the shit came out, and it feels like they did that shit quick too thats whats up

Griz Calhoun Brooklyn's Own said...

keep doing ya thing boy one day our paths a cross on this music shit soon .....GRIZ!
PS> Can a nigga still get them 5 tracks done lol!

Jordhanna said...

thats my plan exactly... reaching NY after i finish up university... same idea and feelin about NY too. empire state of mind track didnt help deter me either ha

Jordhanna said...

this is what im talkin bout - Empire State Of Mind (Unofficial Remix).mp3

put it out day after i saw em perform it live and could bootlegg the loop from kevin nottingham ha