Sunday, April 5, 2009

This time's for real

Ok this time is for real. To anyone reading this, this is the official restart of the restart of this Dreamvillain blog ha. I signed my record deal on February 24th of this year, but if you know me you know it's been a long hard journey to even get this far. But those years of dedication and faith have only gotten me to the starting line. Now it's time to race.

Grateful to my manager Mark Pitts, ByStorm Entertainment, Jay-z and the whole Roc Nation family for the opportunity. Grateful to my immediate team, a bunch of Dream chasing motivated people who believe in me (thanks) and only make the journey that much better. My loved ones who held me down through the darkest and brokest of days.

Enough with the emotional, let's get this blog going. This is my way to communicate directly with any fans I might pick up along the way that want to know my thoughts. I remember being (dangerously) in love with Alicia Keys when I was like 15 and I used to hit her website (still remember) everyday waiting for a "Diary" update from her. I thought it was so sick to be able to get a glimpse into what she was thinking or doing at times. Maybe one day this will become that type of thing for a fan or two out there.

Hope you enjoy.

Fayettenam forever! "The Warm Up" April 27!

PS- The pic above is from a show last week at Syracuse University. Shout out to Cuse' and the photographer AJ Chavar who took these shots.


Elite said...

ill pics man, that shit looks sick!!!

sha'mia said...

ha!!! wat u jus sayd bout alica keys is exactly how i feel about reading ur blog!!!!! Crazy how i can get a glimpse into ur personal retrospect! I luv this mayneee!!

sabbymunster ! said...

Is there a way to send letters to you? I've been wanting to do this for a very long time and I've been listening to your music for a long while now. This might not even be read but it would be great if at some point it was. I don't use blogger but I do have a tumblr. Anyway, if it could be possible, it would mean the world to me.