Monday, May 18, 2009

2 Weeks Away

We are officially TWO weeks from the release of The Warm Up, my second mixtape. It's going down to the wire, I'll probably be adding and subtracting songs up until the last second.

It's time to start throwing shit out there though, to give people a glimpse of what's coming soon. Here is a DEFINITE off of The Warm Up. My second stab at Dead Presidents. The first was on The Come Up mixtape, and it's really interesting for me as a rapper to play both versions back to back and hear my own growth in the past 2 and a half years. This is one of my personal favorites from The Warm Up.

J. Cole- "Dead Presidents II"


PS- I just want to give a special shout to all those who may be reading this and to those who are supporting me this early on. I'm still way under the radar right now, but that's how I always planned it. It's going to be fun sneaking up on the game, and I think it'll be cool if one day you'll be able to say "I was on him first!"


12 comments: said...

You or Your management Email me when you see this. Would like to do an interview.


DaveEmoney said...

No doubt son. You got it man. Bout 2 KILL the game. I used to be at 97.5 in Raleigh but moved 2 CALI, raised in NC all day. J, Follow me on

Blaze said...

Yo You Doin Your Thing Fam....I'm from Maryland and I jis wanna show my support to my fellow em how ya'll fayanam niggaz Do It...Congrats on your new found success earned It!!!! -Blaze-

Bottom Feeder said...

My peoples already think that I know a celeb cuz, I told them I used to see you around SJU. So when you go'll be my cousin. LOL

On the real though, just keep making good music! Like Blaze said show em how you do it!

Bottom Feeder said...

Just heard the track, DAMN NIGGA YOU GO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Shari said...

I loved the track so much I had to let my twitter people know how i loved it

M. said...

Dead Presidents III

Roc Nation mix I put together with Jay-Z, J. Cole, & Drake.


Do your thing g.

Shahrouz said...

Congrats once again Jermaine.
Wish you the best. I'm looking forward for this new mixtape the warm up !!!
Take care

Shahrouz from Switzerland

twinz4life04 said...

Can I say that shit first now? "I was on this shit a long time ago....this dates back to freshman year for me...homecoming'04 or '05...shit I can't remember...but shit been like's only getting better!" Lol. Yo Cole....I'm following you...not on twitter and shit...but you know! Lol. Keep it coming! Slow but steady...that's how you do it. I don't want it to be like no Nikki Minaj ish....mixtapes for like 10 years! That's not the way to go!

Plus, Drake needs competition...I already see the shit in the making! I see it clearly! This thing is about to get deeper than doo doo!


Tommy said...

yes u r under the radar. i'm telling everybody ur going to be the shit soon. that trailer is just fucken tight. u should do a track with jin.

Garan said...
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