Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm gettin anxious dawg

It's almost here man. Shout out to Alex Haldi on the cover, he also did the cover for "The Come Up" that I loved so much. Hit yall with the tracklist later this week.

I think i'll drop 2 joints today, one that made the cut and later on I'll put out some shit that won't be on the "mixtape"(somebody will come up with a better word one of these days)

Here's "Heartache."

This is produced by Elite, you might be able to tell from how epic the shit sounds. As a producer I find myself being in amazement over of his drums. Like how did you do that?

For the record I prefer you to hear the project in it's entirety rather than leaking joints, but it's necessary.




Elite said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAA DAWG!!!!! Dreamville..... Hi

J-Biz said...

Tough ish, my dude... i had to post a simple video of this joint, 'cause it stays on rotation!


All In said...

yes, very necessary.

precyse said...

no lie....your incredible ma dude...dam livin my dream n shit lol...u do ya thing with madd heart , that shit is rare in a nigga...i dont gotta say keep it up cuz i no u will....keep the dream goin and show other dreamers its possible...peace bro, peep my blog , u def got my support..

lotes rock said...

sup man!

do you have the d'load link for your mixtape the warm up?lights please is on high rotation right now.lovin it bra!


munchie said...

I love yer music, i even did a cover on you (featured in my blog)

ugh ! i cant wait till i go to one of yer concerts.

Austin said...

i dont know if you still check this blog but man, shit's been ill since day one! glad all the hard work paid off J, mad love from Canada. Ya never know, if I keep on it,maybe i'll be opening for you one day! shit, just keep living the dream!