Thursday, October 29, 2009


"don't worry i'm just ventin"



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What up

4 in the morning, I'm in the hotel in Michigan and can't sleep. I been meaning to blog for the longest so why not now.

Currently reading some comments on youtube for some of my favorite songs of mine (hold it down, song for the ville, show me something, others..) thanks for the love yall.

If you haven't heard by now I'm opening up on The Blueprint 3 tour. When I say opening up, I mean REALLY opening up. A nigga goes on stage like 10 minutes before the show is actually scheduled to start! Ha! I love it though, its all a part of paying dues and earning stripes. The highlight of each night comes when I get my minute of shine on stage to do "star is born" with hov. Arena jam-packed with thousands, and each time I step on that stage I know that "this is where I wanna be." Takes a lot of work (and a lot of hits) to get to that point in your career, but I'm ready to start the journey.

I be KNOCKED OUT on the bus. 12 and 13 hours at a time.

What else...

All I will tell yall about the album is that it's coming along much faster than I thought it would, and that the shit i've done so far feels reeaal special. I don't know what that means in terms of release date, but I believe everything will happen how and when it's supposed to.

I'ma try to be more frequent with the blogging. It's bad enough I only twitter random shit once every 3 days, just to say I did it.

Til next time,