Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What up

4 in the morning, I'm in the hotel in Michigan and can't sleep. I been meaning to blog for the longest so why not now.

Currently reading some comments on youtube for some of my favorite songs of mine (hold it down, song for the ville, show me something, others..) thanks for the love yall.

If you haven't heard by now I'm opening up on The Blueprint 3 tour. When I say opening up, I mean REALLY opening up. A nigga goes on stage like 10 minutes before the show is actually scheduled to start! Ha! I love it though, its all a part of paying dues and earning stripes. The highlight of each night comes when I get my minute of shine on stage to do "star is born" with hov. Arena jam-packed with thousands, and each time I step on that stage I know that "this is where I wanna be." Takes a lot of work (and a lot of hits) to get to that point in your career, but I'm ready to start the journey.

I be KNOCKED OUT on the bus. 12 and 13 hours at a time.

What else...

All I will tell yall about the album is that it's coming along much faster than I thought it would, and that the shit i've done so far feels reeaal special. I don't know what that means in terms of release date, but I believe everything will happen how and when it's supposed to.

I'ma try to be more frequent with the blogging. It's bad enough I only twitter random shit once every 3 days, just to say I did it.

Til next time,



Jordhanna said...

like I told Mr DJ Neil Armstrong already, when you on stage in Toronto at the ACC, just cast a glance to the RFLR (your left), 10th row, and I'll be there (alone)rhyming along to your tracks.

I was hoping not to comment first just to save face and not look like a groupie, but that ship has sailed when one totals all my comments on this blog already. I'm just a good music appreciator, I swear!

Keep goin dude, I def wont bootlegg your album, you deserve it.

foxxy said...

thanks for the update. i really hope to see you and jay share the stage in austin. truthfully, i'm more excited to see you than hov, but maybe that's because i'm only 20 & you're closer to my era, or you will be. i wish you the best and, as cliché as this sounds, keep doing YOU, because you're the best damn thing that's come along in a while.

Stephanie said...

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE YOU....Please believe you have already earned your stripes!!! Keep em' comin' You are our only hope for the future!!
-Steph Luva Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie said...

P.S. Please make all my dreams come true and do a collaboration with the artist known as Blu. =)


Artless said...

I love it!! I blogged a lil about you once...but my cousin came to me one day and said..."what you know about J.Cole?" I was like who...She said...I thought u knew everything...(im big on music)So I listened to The Come Up and fell in love with you lyrically...Keep doing you thing!!

asag439604 said...

listen man iam a big fan but i fear u doing too many interviews and not putting out enough music please dont wait till the album about to drop to promote cause u being jay first artist may not be enough put out little freestyles here and there and features.... BEST OF LUCK i really want to see u make it

angellemontoya said...

To me, you are a legend.
song for the ville kills me getting the lyrics printed out and framing it on my wall of my favorite artists.

cheers to you! ill be followin ur career always.

Chinyere said...

bro real talk your music is like THE SHIT i still dont skip your songs on any on your mixtapes and song for the ville that shit shoulda been on tha warm up, show me something another great freaking song and then good game tops it all off, really in tha freshman class your killing all them other ni99as, and the fact that ur a college graduate i truly respect that, only thing was you signed to that mason of a ni99a jay-z i hope to keep your soul true and keep doing your music and chasing your dreams the right way besides that stay blessed and humble you'll make it trust me jermaine

Andrew said...

Keep us posted bro, your music is dope I can listen to it over and over. You are Mufasa, I'm a lifetime supporter of your music and career just keep bringing us fire

jay3091 said...

Sorry if MI was sleeping on you... they still preoccupied with Drake. It's cool cause I was up the whole time you was doing your set last night.

J.Nicole said...

I was at the show in Cleveland last night and I know the crowd didn't really show you much love when you came out...But what I would recommend is that you get more interactive with the crowd like Wale and Pharrell did...Give it more energy...I know a lot of ppl don't know about you but if you give every minute your best then it will work out wonderfully..I knew every song u did because I am a fan and tell Jay not to make u wait 2 years b4 u drop lol...Your lyrical skills are amazing and will take u where you need to be...Just stay true to the art form...Peace!

tranick82 said...

Thanks for I know I need to get to the Nashville show EARLY EARLY...looking forward to the show..warning in advance, don't mind the fools here that don't realize your talent yet, they wouldnt know GOOD music if it smacked them in face..LOVE your music it gets me through some rough days, you're already an incredible artist, in the words of one of my favorite artists "you paint pictures, you don't rhyme words"...

CheezyDoDo said...

I cant wait to hear more music from you nigga !?!?!

the streets(internet) is hunrgy for more of you PAUSE

keep it comin...PAUSE

congrats on errthing

Jeremy said...

What up man, I just realized you were from the Ville! I'm from Fayett-nam too man. I live in East Africa now but I get back to the Ville about twice a year. I've been a Jay Z fanatic since Reasonable Doubt. I heard you on "A Star is Born" and I was like hold up, is he talking about the Ville in Cackalack? Anyway props to you man, congrats. Tell Jay I hope he's not disappointed his biggest fan is a white guy! Congrats though man, good to see someone from the Ville signed on with the greatest hip hop mogul of all time. Be easy.

J Thompson

toronto said...

hey hey Mr Cole!

Toronto is waiting for you sirrr! Just some tips : Toronto can be a city of haters, do your thang, there's a madd crowd of lovers to balance the hate out.
While you're here make sure you participate in our city when in Rome!
1) get you a 1 Love T.O shirt.
2)Stop by Papaya Hut on Yonge Street for the best smoothy you will have ever tasted in your life...its called a "health nut". trust me on this.
3) Check our Ransom Clothing and LiveStock on Spadina Ave for kicks and exclusives.
4) Have poutine and pick up some authentic jamaican food from the real jerk restaurant(curried chicken roti or jerk chicken!)or hit up Frans on Yonge St for the best all day breakfast(its 24hrs too)
5)Drop by Kindred cafe on Yonge St( google that'll make sense..
6) the concert on saturday, please please shout out your ZIMBABWEAN fans..we'll be there mouthing the words to your tracks..
Keep getting up man and stay're a legend in the works and your fan base is waiting in anticipation for whats next!

Kyle said...

J.COLE!! Keep doin your thing fam, the warm up and the intro to the come up are the theme music to my life nigga! Except i left NJ for FL

you gonna be big my nigga stay focussed and a true fam hold it down!!!

AATM said...

imma big fan.
your one of the best out ALREADY.
(jay, drizzy & you)
you make good music.
sound different then these other artist.
ALWAYS put on for your city.
all thats left is show the world your the best, and dont let the industry change who you are.
"everyday a star is born..clap for em." j.cole
seattle loves you bro. come back soon. -biggest fan

l00kleft said...
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l00kleft said...

Props to you. I'll definately be posted at your next Carolina Show. Preciate you giving heads music to genuinely be proud of. Wish You the Best in your rise to power. Carolina All Day.

MulattoMalika said...

I would Looooooove it if you released new music before "late spring, summer". I mean... take your time, but not too long lol

immoonstruck said...

I am not sure if you read these comments but I hope these words will reach you in some form. You are truly a force to be reckoned with. You have a majestic ability to touch people through your words. I mean, your light shines to bright, honestly, there will be those who can't handle it. I just hope that you stay strong and don't allow them to shade you, break you or change you. You are truly a Renaissance Man, don't forget it. Know that you have a forever fan in me. Blessings.

alisha said...

i know i speak for a lot of ladies who wish they were men (not literally lol), because of the groupie stigma attached to loving a male artist when you a female. just wanna say i genuinely LOVE your music and i feel as if it holds no gender or race. keep doing your thing, you got a (st)(f)an(atic) in me forever. :).

SimplyTash said...

I know i'm late reading this blog, but i just read that part where you said that the highlight for you is joining Jay on stage for, "A star is born."

It was written all over your face when you joined Jay on stage at the Wireless Festival. Your face was that of a lil kid in a candy store lol.

I absolutely LOVE your lyrics and you seem like a very humble and nice dude.

I can't wait to see even greater things come from yourself!

Tam said...

Aye! I caught you "opening" act in Cali! Loved it! Clap for you!!!!

tanTIAlizing said...

That song is so inspiring.