Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali on The Arsenio Hall show in 1989. Arsenio then brings out my favorite boxer of all time Mike Tyson and it's interesting to see Ali's reaction and respect for Tyson. Iron Mike was the Lebron James of the boxing world around this time, it's scary how hard he punched people. Arsenio asks Ali the classic question; if both fighters were in their prime, who would win. Ali being modest, gives it up to Tyson; but even as a Tyson fan I don't know about that one. Ali took major punches in his career, but then again never fought a pit bull style fighter like Tyson. Tyson never fought a fighter smarter than Ali. Not to mention that quick and elusive.

While we're on Ali. Hate the way Bryant Gumble is talking to him on this interview. Handles it like he handled boxing and Parkinson's though; like a champ