Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nobody's even close to this

Been a Janelle Monae fan for a minute now. Incredible. I pray she becomes the superstar she deserves to be soon.


foxxy said...

man, thank you for posting this. i've been following janelle since the EP she released a while back (sincerely jane and cybertronic purgatory! just amazing...) anywho, i admire this young lady to an infinite level. her voice is so incredible and so strong and she utilizes it for the vision that she believes in. what i love about her is that she will not waver from that vision despite the ongoing changes in the industry and that's an artist i'll always support. sappy as this shit may sound, that's why i'll always support you. anyway, keep doing you, my nigga... your time will come too.

freshgirljill said...

^ his time is here, NOW... all those college shows put you (Cole) on the map, people down in Winston haven't stopped talking about your performance, gotta have you back soon.
(btw... thanks for being genuine, and pleaaaaaase dont ever change.)

Cass said...

Cole, what u know about this? lol j/k...i'm not surprised u up on miss monae but I hope u become the superstar u deserve to be, as well.